Dignity Through Dance

We significantly increase our students English language skills via a structured but highly creative and engaging dance technique called cognitive content based instruction.

Kinetic Connection

Our students read and write their own stories and portray them through creative movement while learning English in order to connect with each other, their teachers and their communities. Find out more about how our program works and where we serve.

English Immersion Through Dance

Dance Another World is an English immersion program taught through dance. The program serves non-native English speaking students from lower-socioeconomic areas. In Dance Another World, students learn to communicate through creative movement.

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Dance Another World needs your support to sustain and grow our programs and serve more students in need. Your donation goes directly to offering programs to our community. You can donate directly or purchase one of our student’s unique t-shirt creations for just $10.

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Through immersion and Content Based Instruction (CBI), we teach English through dance. The ITESL Journal defines CBI as “a teaching method that emphasizes learning about something rather than learning about language” and “an effective method of combining language and content learning.”


According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, “Only one in three children are physically active every day”. In addition to staying active in every class, most students are provided an additional healthy snack, provided by our Nutritional Sponsors, Whole Foods Market.


In Dance Another World, we know that a dance is a story. We read and write our own stories and then portray them through dance. In addition to English and dance, students learn confidence in their ability to express themselves, and learn respect for their minds, bodies and souls.

I’ve learned that I can tell stories through dancing.


8 years old

In Dance Another World we speak English.


7 years old

I’ve learned that I can express myself through dancing.


8 years old

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