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Founded in 2014, Dance Another World is an English language immersion program taught through dance. Serving non-native English speaking students from lower-socioeconomic areas, students learn to communicate through creative movement.


Dance Another World works with organizations such as Afterschool Centers on Education (ACE) in the Austin Independent School District and with Cedars International Academy Charter School. In our AISD programs, we assist students with homework help and offer a healthy snack provided by our nutritional sponsors, Whole Foods Market. A full list of our partners and allies as well as sponsors, can be found here.


Our program touches communities in every part of Austin, helping to provide a safe environment for children to learn English and build confidence. To date, our Dance Another World staff has taught more than 2500 students ranging in ages from 5 to 16.


Dance Another World is a registered 501c (3) non-profit organization

Dignity Through Dance

Why Dance? Dancing is a living language.

Dancing provides an outlet to storytelling, with English becoming a central part of that communication. Students don’t have to worry about making mistakes while learning a new language and trying out new vocabulary. Teachers are able to provide English immersion through incorporation of vocabulary words, nouns, and verbs into lesson plans and discussion of song messages.

In addition to dance and English, students learn to respect their bodies, minds and communities. Dancing exercises can stimulate visual thinking and perceptions while enhancing observation and self-expression. Students gain control of their bodies, their feelings and gain confident communication skills that can assist them in other aspects of their lives.

Cedars International Academy

Safe Place

Girls Empowerment Network

Refugee Services of Texas

Montopolis Neighborhood Center

Blackshear Elementary School

Pleasant Hill Elementary School

Palm Elementary School

Oak Springs Middle School

Wooten Elementary School

Bedichek Middle School

Odom Elementary School

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