Our Team

It takes all of us to help educate and encourage our girls. Our experienced staff and board are committed to helping Dance Another World accomplish its goals and empower students to communicate confidently.

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Meet our Directors

Dawn Mann, Executive Director
Dawn Mann founded the organization after her time traveling abroad and teaching English and dance. After years of ballet training in the states, Dawn traveled overseas to teach English. In her spare time, she taught dance to non-native English speaking students, where she discovered the concept of teaching English through dance!
Samantha Wells, Regional Program Coordinator
Samantha Wells just recently moved back to Austin after obtaining a post grad degree in Cultural Heritage and Education in Dublin, Ireland, where she extensively traveled around Europe upon completion of the degree. She has been teaching dance and yoga for more than 10 years, and is very excited to be a part of the Dance Another World team. Her favorite types of dance are modern, hip hop and ballet, but she also loves jazz and tap and any other form of dance where she gets to boogie down and explore movement.
Melissa Green, Curriculum Coordinator
Melissa loves teaching with Dance Another World because the program allows creative expression and imagination to come together in a learning context. Dance not only incorporates discipline and fitness, but also a degree of freedom and confidence. Melissa says she learns something new every day that she teaches, and seeing the girls learn brings her such joy. Melissa studied Education and English at the University of Texas, and loves to boogie down and dance in the aisles of grocery stores.
Emily Nash, Public Relations Correspondent
Emily currently studies journalism and sociology at UT Austin, is a managing editor for ORANGE Magazine, and is an after school instructor for ACE-Austin. She is incredibly excited to be a part of Dance Another World, an amazing English immersion program for young girls. Someday, Emily hopes to combine her love of telling stories and working with underprivileged women and children.

Meet our staff

Shemiah Franklin
Shemiah is currently studying to get her Degree in Dance at Austin Community College, and has always enjoyed the arts from the time she was a young girl. Born in Aviano, Italy she enjoyed singing and dancing in her father's church. They often sang worship songs in English, Italian and various African languages. To this day, Shemiah still thrives off of enhancing herself and others in arts and various cultures. She currently dances with Zach Scott Theatre in Austin, Texas.
Lauren Ruiz
Lauren Ruiz is from San Antonio,Texas but resides in Austin. She has been dancing and playing sports since she was young, and believes in leading a very active lifestyle. She is a private dance and fitness coach, and enjoys helping others learn about their capabilities and watching them grow in the fitness and dance world. Lauren is extremely excited and blessed to be a part of the Dance Another World team, and to learn, grow, and teach with them! When she’s not in the studio perfecting her dance skills, she’s either working out, spending time with her sweetheart and their 2 dogs, Sublime and Lola, riding her bike, going to concerts, taking pictures, cooking, and hanging with family
Hannah Hartell
Hannah Hartell was born and raised in Austin, TX. She loves to travel and in her twenty-five years, she has been to all fifty states in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. She is currently working towards getting her associates degree in dance at Austin Community College. Her goal is to become an art therapist who specializes in movement therapy. She spend most of my free time creating art, dancing, visiting with my family or friends, and taking her dog Zuri to the park.
Rilee Mineo
Rilee is super excited to join the Dance Another World Team! She's currently a substitute teacher with the organization, so hopefully you'll see her at every site that DAW is offered!

Meet our board

Philip Wharton, Board President
Philip is currently the President of the Dance Another World Board of Directors, and works full time in Utah with Goldman Sachs. Philip is very excited to grow with Dance Another World and serve even more students in need!
Yvonne LaFrance, Board Treasurer
Yvonne, Dance Another World's Treasurer, as an undergrad, served as treasurer for two years in an honor organization of over 100 students. Her current full time position is an analyst for pension plans so it's in her nature to be attentive to detail and know how to balance a trust.
Aissata Diallo, Board Secretary
Aissata Diallo knows personally the value of English immersion, since she is originally from Mauritania which is located in North Africa. Aissata currently serves as the secretary on the Dance Another World Board of Directors.