Dearest Dance Another World Family,

Thank you so much for support, interest, love, and general interest in our little organization this year. We most definitely could not have expanded from just one site to nine, with five more on the way in 2016! How many people can say that they’ve managed to grow so fast?! It’s been a wild ride, but the journey has just begun. We’re excited to keep looking to the future! But right now, we want to take a moment to review how much we’ve accomplished in 2015.

  • We got our vendor number with AISD! That means Ms. Dawn no longer had to volunteer all her time to the program and was able to hire teachers and expand to new sites!
  • El Mundo did a wonderful spread on Dance Another World that catapulted us into so many new communities!
  • KLRU did a video interview!
  • We were featured on Upworthy!
  • We expanded to 8 new sites!
  • We hired 6 teachers!
  • We served over 350 girls in just one year!
  • We had an amazing showcase at Stateside at the Paramount!

And so much more!

We’re excited to keep growing with you! And we can’t wait to share all the wonderful things we have in store for this next year.

Have the merriest of Christmases, and a happy new year!

-Dance Another World

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