12072637_955947524452040_4954975551334588236_nWhat We Do

In Dance Another World, we know that a dance is a story. We read and write our own stories and portray them through creative movement while learning English. Dance Another World uses content-based instruction and total-physical response (TPR) to teach English through the medium of dance.

TPR was created by Dr. James J Asher who suggests it can be used to teach and practice many things including:

  • Vocabulary connected with actions
  • Tenses (past/present/future)
  • Classroom language
  • Instructions and storytelling.

Content-based instruction, according to the Internet TESL Journal, is a “teaching method that emphasizes learning about something rather than learning about language.”

Where We Serve

Our curriculum is offered as an afterschool program in the Austin Independent School District, where our instructors assist in homework help, and we provide a nutritious snack to our students at the end of our classes.

Dance Another World also serves students from SafePlace and offers classes to the refugee community. We are always excited to offer workshops with new organizations, like we have with Girls Empowerment Network and El Buen Samaritano. For a full list of our allies, please visit our Partners and Sponsors page. If you are interested in hosting a workshop for your organization, please contact us.